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The Miss Nigeria USA is committed and passionate about giving back to non-profits in Nigeria, as part of our unique attributes. We plan to work closely with Non-Profits that have exhibited continuous dedicated towards women empowerment and also enhancing the education sector, especially in relation to making sure that the girl child has an opportunity to receive basic education.


This year, we are delighted to have MNUSA CARES as the recipient for our Miss Nigeria USA event under our mission of Service. 


MNUSA Cares is a multi-dimensional initiative designed to connect Nigerians to the power of service through volunteerism and community engagement locally, nationally, and globally. We want to help produce socially engaged and vibrant leaders.



We believe Changing the world is an organic process that starts with people in the places they call home. MNUSA Cares is dedicated to strengthening global communities and cultures by supporting programs that advance education, health and wellness, empowerment and engagement.


Every organization has a mission. Ours is simple, and from the heart. We create positive change in the lives of everyone all over the world. That means supporting sustainable programs that promote health, happiness, safety and development. We accomplish our mission through Volunteering and fundraising.


The Vision of MNUSA Cares is to provide a destination for individuals to develop thoughtful approaches to community engagement, service learning and discovery. Volunteers breathe life into our vision and, for that, we are deeply grateful.


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