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Miss Nigeria USA (MNUSA) Cares is a multi-dimensional initiative designed to connect Nigerians to the power of service through volunteerism and community engagement locally, nationally, and globally. We want to help produce socially engaged and vibrant leaders.


We believe Changing the world is an organic process that starts with people in the places they call home. MNUSA Cares is dedicated to strengthening global communities and cultures by supporting programs that advance education, health and wellness, empowerment and engagement.


Every organization has a mission. Ours is simple, and from the heart. We create positive change in the lives of everyone all over the world. That means supporting sustainable programs that promote health, happiness, safety and development. We accomplish our mission through Volunteering and fundraising.


The Vision of MNUSA Cares is to provide a destination for individuals to develop thoughtful approaches to community engagement, service learning and discovery. Volunteers breathe life into our vision and, for that, we are deeply grateful.




MNUSA Cares offers you the opportunity to make a lasting impact around the world through Leading a project. A Project Leaders can plan guided trips, beautifying
communities, building infrastructure and brightening the lives of children. No special talents are required,
just equal parts compassion and commitment. project Leaders are ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. From the States to Nigeria and other points between, there is a place for you to serve.



The issues that confront our world are big. But together, we are bigger. Support the humanitarian work ofMNUSA Cares and uplift a child, empower a community, help change the world. By donating, you make it possible for children in Nigeria to access food, go to school, have a place to play, and so much more.There are several ways to give, including donating online or starting a fundraiser and inviting your friends to contribute. With the majority of donations funneled directly to the causes we support, your impact is tangible. So give, share online and imagine the possibilities.

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MNUSACares has supported over thousands of hours of volunteer work in the communities. The work
coordinated by program volunteers – from liaising with charitable organizations to communicating with
other volunteers – is vital to our success.


MNUSACares offers lots of options to apply your skills or expertise to issues that improve society. To find
out more about our Projects and how to get involved, please contact


Do you have the Heart to Serve? MNUSA Cares offers you the opportunity to make a lasting impact around the world.


The MNUSA Cares connects our commitment to community service and engages the Nigerian Community wherever they are. As we advance our ongoing commitment to the power of service through volunteerism and community engagement throughout our communities- we will work each day to improve the world around us.


Through our introduction of, the Nigerian Community will learn about and have the opportunity to participate in service projects locally, nationally, and globally. Each month, MNUSA Cares will present a new in-depth report on one of the many charity projects worldwide that has benefitted from the work of myself and the support of Miss Nigeria USA Team.


Giving and serving are at the core of what we stand for.


I encourage you to get involved and I look forward to your continued service.


Warmest Regards,
Joy Chinwe F.


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