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Miss Nigeria USA 2017, Idara starts her Foundation

Be Well Foundation is dedicated to improving the wellness of disadvantaged communities. One aspect of our focus is supporting the nutritional, environmental, and educational wellbeing of orphaned and vulnerable children.

This April our team will be traveling to Nigeria to assist with the needs of the Global Rescue Mission Children’s Compassion Center and  Orphanage in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The Global Rescue Mission Orphanage arose from an overwhelming community need to shelter abandoned, abused and orphaned children.  The center is home for 20 children and cares (i.e. provides meals, supplemental education, clothing, emergency care) for more than 50 children in the community ranging from infancy to 19 years of age.

Several missionary staff members care for the children, but the financial support comes from outside partners. We believe that every child deserves to live a life of wellness and are dedicated to meeting the pertinent needs of this organization.

Currently, we have begun our first project: establishing a borehole/water system for the orphanage. At the moment, all the water used for drinking, cooking and bathing is bought from an outside source. The cost is overwhelming and puts the children at risk for dehydration and poor hygiene.

Through your financial support, our goal is to provide the orphanage with the following:

Borehole and Water Tank -- $1300 Generator for water system — $200 New Roofing  — $3800 Food supply for 2 weeks - $300+  Toiletries and sanitary supplies for 1 month - $200+

We thank you for believing in our mission and partnering with us to help improve the wellness of communities in need.

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